Gatehouse Van D Dryvs Lyk A Dream, RN, CGC, TDI (Halfmoon DreamN Red Wyt N'Blu, CGC  X  Am/Int'l Ch Wbar's Miss Congeniality)




born May 10, 2007



"Parker Pie" is my pick puppy from the first (and only) litter sired by Banner.  I had wanted an apricot brindle boy, and when momma Dagney presented us with FIVE apricot brindle boys in the litter, I knew I had my work cut out for me.  It was a tough decision, as all of them were beautiful, and each week I studied hundreds of photos arriving via email from Colorado until I had every detail memorized down to the pattern of the stripes.  Then after nearly a week of hanging out with the puppies in person, I finally decided on "Green Boy" - a chunky bundle of fun with a blocky head, huge bone, and a personality to die for.


Parker is happy, playful, and silly - he LOVES toys, and he loves showing his toys to anyone and everyone who walks into the house, the motel room, or approaches the van if he is inside.  If a toy is not readily available at the time he feels someone needs to see a toy, he'll settle for a shoe, a bedspread, a food pan, a bungee cord, or any tiny little smidgen of dirt or grass he might be able to pick up off the ground when he spies a new friend.


Parker is currently enjoying Rally Obedience and Therapy Dog visits while he's waiting to mature enough physically to compete in conformation.  He is very tall and if he continues to mature as long as his daddy Banner did, he will be a sight to behold in a couple of years.
Thank you, Nick & Shannon Van Duren, for believing in Banner and for allowing me the opportunity to be so closely involved in this litter.  Even from over a thousand miles away, I learned so much and could not have shared my first breeding experience with anyone better.

Parker's Accomplishments:

1st place out of 9 in the 9-12 month Puppy Sweepstakes at Bucks 2008
Rally Novice title completed at 13 months old
CGC and TDI tested at 13 months old


Parker's Health Testing Information:

PRA DNA - Normal by Parentage
CERF Normal (MF-3463/2007-2)
Cystinuria Negative  5/21/08
AKC DNA Profile # V502101
CHIC DNA Data Bank Sample Submitted (MF-DNA-26)
Long Coat DNA Normal/Normal by Parentage


Click Here to see Parker's Pedigree


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newborn Parker's first meal!

Parker (left) and his brother Webster at 5 weeks old


"Green Boy" doing a fine job convincing me to choose him!



Parker at 10 weeks posing in the bag I carried him home
in just 2 weeks before that.  Mastiffs grow so fast!

15 weeks old, starting to grow those long legs!



Parker pictured at 11 months old winning a class of 9 in the 9-12 Month Puppy Sweeps at Bucks.

Thank you to Judge Marjorie Tuff for this special win!


Parker earning his Rally Novice title at 13 months old under judge Jeffrey Showman




Parker on the left at 14 months old, and his dad, Banner, on the right at 5 years old.



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