9 1/2 years old - Fall 2006




Stogna (pronounced "stoney" - like "bologna") was rescued from a man that my mom worked with.  This guy bought a puppy at a pet store and took her home, only to find that his wife would not let him keep her.  He made this heavy-coated puppy stay in his car all day long while he was at work… and this was in hot, humid, summertime weather.  My mom told him one day that her daughter would take the puppy and give it a good home.  At the time I had absolutely no plans of getting a dog, but she was so cute I couldn’t resist.  She looked like a little piglet with her short legs and round body… she still gets called “Pig” more than she’s called by her real name.


Car rides are Pig’s favorite, second only to chasing any kind of light reflection she sees.  All it takes is one little glint of sunlight off of a metal food pan or someone’s watch, and she will be staring at the ceilings and walls for hours.  She also loves to wash her face… when I have a towel on my hair after showering, she will sit and stare at me until I give her the wet towel.  She spreads it out on the floor and rubs on it.  (See picture below)  She does this with washcloths and baby wipes, too.
As of this writing (August 2008) Stogna is 11 years old and going strong.  Aside from being a little stiff some mornings, her only ailment is a chronic and sometimes life-threatening case of selective hearing.  :o)


Stogna being sassy on her 10th birthday

March 31, 2007

Stogna at about 8 months old


Stogna and her "little brother" Toby

lounging around with her "little" brother Toby


Stogna & Banner soaking up the sun

washing her face on a wet towel


               Stogna 10 years old

Stogna 7 years old              



9  1/2  years old on the left, and  11  1/2  years old on the right, refusing to come back inside the house



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