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          Banner, 4th of July 2003, 21 months old       

born September 10, 2001



Banner is my first Mastiff, and was the start of a new obsession.   When the original plans for my first Mastiff pup fell through, I logged on to Half Moon Mastiffs’ website to check out the pups I had heard about a few weeks before.   I was looking for a brindle, and I fell in love at first sight with a 2 1/2 week-old pup.  I called and said, “If the boy with the gold collar is available, I’m interested.”  His breeder sent some more pictures the next week, and I just knew he was the one for me.  I flew to Missouri a few weeks later and came home with a Mastiff addiction!


My little brother, Collin, was 3 years old when I got Banner and they've been the best of friends ever since.  Collin used to tell people that he bought Banner for 4 dollars at Wal-Mart... with one exception - once when asked how much he paid, he replied, “TOOOO much!"

Banner 225 pounds, Collin 100 pounds  :o)
 Collin at 8 1/2 years and Banner at 5 years old
Banner at 7 years old and Collin at 10 1/2 years


The Ban Man (aka Boo, Nana, Bean, Big Daddy B, etc.) is a big, beautiful, apricot brindle.  He has huge bone, a level topline, a massive head, neck, and chest, wide muzzle, and scissors bite.  Aside from his stunning good looks, I couldn’t ask for a dog with a more unique personality & wonderful sense of humor than my Banna-banana.  He loves to "talk" and he loves to play his own made-up version of Hide 'n' Seek - a game that we call "Banner, BOO!"   -  Banner is his mommy's favorite and he knows it.  :o)

Banner's Health Testing Information:

Hips OFA Good (MF-5566G25M-PI)
Elbows OFA Normal (MF-EL2503M24-PI)
Patellas OFA Normal (MF-PA717/68M/P-PI)
Cardiac OFA Normal @ 12 & 68 months (MF-CA582/68M/P-PI)
Thyroid OFA Normal (MF-TH350/12M-PI)
PRA DNA - Homozygous Normal (MF-PRA462/2M-PI)
CERF Normal (MF-2480/2002-11)
Cystinuria Negative 2002, 2006, 2008
vWD Normal (116%)
AKC DNA Profile # V362841
CHIC DNA Data Bank Sample Submitted (MF-DNA-5)
Long Coat DNA Normal/Normal
CHIC Certificate # 15882


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b10-28-01.jpg (25424 bytes)

5 weeks and 5 days old - What a face!!!

Banner says Hi!
"Hello there!"   (again - What a face!!!)


Banner loves his momma

Banner giving his mom a hug - 4 years old

Banner on the move

Big Dog gaiting in the yard - 4 years old



Banner at 6 1/2 years old - still cute as ever!


7-year-old Banner at Twin Lakes



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