Sid 12/15/98 - 3/23/07



Sid at 6 years old - Summer of 2005

Sid & Collin - Summer 2006



Sid was a Greyhound mix who came to live here at the end of June 2005 at the age of 6 1/2.  His human dad, a longtime friend of mine, was killed in a car accident and I promised Matt's family that I would take care of Matt's "baby."


Sid had a very in-your-face personality (literally!) and anytime you paid attention to him you could count on him sitting in front of you with his paw up and his face 2 inches from yours for the better part of the afternoon.  I often joked that I had never met a near-sighted sighthound before I met Sid.  :o)


Sid was such a good boy... just 2 months after coming to live here, he passed his Canine Good Citizen test at the MUNY fun match in Alexander, New York.  His high energy level kept the Mastiffs on their toes and in shape, and T'kila loved trying (and never succeeding) to keep up with him in the yard.
Legend has it that there is a place just this side of heaven called the Rainbow Bridge where an animal goes to wait for his master to join him so they can go on to Heaven together.  On March 23, 2007, the tables were turned and my precious Sid found his master waiting at the bridge for him.  He and Matt are together again...





Sid's best buddy was my little brother Collin.
On the left, Collin was dressed up as Inspector Gadget - although I thought he looked kind of like a pimp!
On the right, Sid is shown kissing Collin - he would actually pucker up his lips to give kisses!




Do we have any pictures of Sid standing still?  Ummm... Nope.  Not really.    :o)




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